Community-Based Work Assessments (CBWA)

Community-Based Work Assessment (CBWA) is an assessment conducted in a community employment setting with the purpose of helping the customer learn about his or her abilities and to determine if competitive integrated employment is an appropriate vocational goal.

 20 to 25 hour Community-Based Work Assessments provide opportunities for individuals to explore a variety of careers through hands-on experiences at local businesses. Employment Specialists assess the individuals' skills and behaviors on the job and make recommendations regarding future vocational success and services.

 The offices of Berks Personnel Network are open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.  Appointments are suggested.   For more information, email or call 610-288-1448.  Fax 610-374-9920.

Community-Based Work Assessments Berks County

Kathy Bell
Director, Berks Personnel Network
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